FLM110 Week 4: Genre

Being an introspective person, I am willing to admit that I possess the qualities of a burgeoning film snob. In many ways, it’s the product of an upbringing that was mildly unconventional; a household with a greater appreciation for art in all its many forms. To put it simply, I’m a born and bred hipster. I like films that require multiple watching in order to gain their greater message. I like films that most people haven’t heard of. I like finding films from foreign countries and spending the subsequent hours straining my eyes to read the subtitles of said films. I’ve always held a bias against genre filmmaking, the use of common tropes to make the reading of a film easy to nonexistent, however during the past year I have become quick to grow far more appreciative of films that correspond with their allotted genres.

I would not have called myself a horror junkie until the beginning of this year. I can’t quite recall what film was able to break through this barrier, but having recently watched “It Follows”, I can remember the feeling of watching an excellent genre film.

“It Follows” is a horror film from indie origins, a place I’m becoming more and more trusting of when it comes to making intelligent pieces. The film is an aesthetically stunning, emotionally unsettling and thought provoking piece that, while using elements popular in 21st century horror, delivers a simple yet fascinating story. Arguably the film transcends the horror genre that Hollywood has created through the use of formulaic films, however during the film I never felt as if the director was making an attempt to eschew its place within the genre scheme.


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