“TV” Eves the Behavior Music Video Review



Eves the Behavior

Review by Erin Co-Beng

When it comes to blending elements of pop music and dark, austere subtexts, it seems newly signed artist “Eves the Behavior” is well on her way to mastering this process. “TV”, her latest single released early in 2015, fits perfectly into the darker side of pop music, emulating a sound that hints at bands like “Purity Ring” and “Broods”, with strong, emotive vocals paired to expertly arranged synths and drums. Its partnered music video emulates the powerful mood, heavy symbolism and careful lyricism through excellent cinematography and shot arrangement.


The creative team behind the video are director Josh Logue and DOP Callan Green, both of whom construct a music video that perfectly illustrates the message of the song. Through auditory and visual means, the audience is forced to consider the connections between entertainment and voyeurism, and what this ultimately does to the psyche of the human being.


The clip for “TV” focuses on two main areas, a motel room where various literature characters provide both a backdrop and a focal point for the video’s meaning, as well as a bathroom where Eves is the sole inhabitant. These two spaces are arranged act as metaphors for two states of being; the stage or area of performance and the mind of the viewer. The distinction is made through both the use of the characters, the contrasting behavior of Eves within the two rooms, and the use of the camera. In the motel room we see the characters are arranged in their own different worlds, similarly to set pieces or background objects, which the camera gradually adds focus to throughout the video. A television in the background that appears to be malfunctioning acts as a reminder that this is the world of entertainment, despite the bedroom setting being oddly personal. We are the viewers, our gaze is cold, and our focus is ever-changing.


In contrast, the bathroom scenes represent the psyche of the viewer, with the use of enclosed space a heavy emphasis on this factor. We see Eves at first similar to the cold, sterile environment of before, however as the video continues, the audience also witnesses what appears to be a drowning; a hand off camera is forcing Eves into the water as she thrashes against it, a very clear statement that this voyeuristic way of seeing media is thrust upon us as the viewer.


The lyricism adds to this element, with Eves’ words drawing on the concept of “life imitating art” and how the consumption of media quickly turns into a disturbing mirror image of the world around us, affecting our behaviors. The realisation of this is repeated in the chorus, with the lyrics “I caught my face, on an icy screen, twisted lips, wickedly,” and “I caught my face, those aren’t my eyes,”. These themes blend seamlessly throughout the music video, giving the audience a powerful takeaway from both the visuals and the music.

As a reviewer, I applaud Eves for beautifully weaving a song that holds both important meaning and a powerful auditory experience. Logue and Green’s command of the camera and direction makes for a visual feast of meaning, sterility and a distinctively haunting experience. I give this a five out of five, and am excited to see what else this artist will produce in the future.


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